Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi Guys

Things are going great here. It has been a very big week here as today is the last day of DNA3. What an amazing course, i have been waiting four years for this workshop and it has totally been worth the wait. Some of the things we have learnt are how to move objects with our minds, finding our true elements, knowing ourselves and changing the molecular structure of water. It is fantastic and I'm really looking forward to coming home and sharing it with you all. The week has been really busy, the Idaho state fair is currently on and Vianna took a few of us there on Tuesday night to see the rodeo and again last night for the Huey Lewis & the News concert. The concert was fantastic and we were the only people up dancing, it was really cool. The rodeo was an awesome experience especially since I didn't know what to expect but the bulls definitely won. i will keep you posted class is starting now.
Bye for now Cheers


  1. Hi Mark, I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Hi Helen
    It is amazing stuff, i'm really looking forward to sharing it. I had a great day today hanging out with Vianna, Guy and all the guys and gals here at the institute. Wow these guys are busy and so much fun to be around. Only downfall is i haven't found a place to get my weekly workout (massage) so i have had to train at the gym here where i'm staying.
    Love Mark