Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Friends,

This is a reminder that our next Practice Night is this coming Tuesday, the 1st September 2009. The FOCUS topic for the month is CLOSURE.

Having CLOSURE on things such as a small business issue, relationships through to life events that may have caused you a great deal of pain is imperative. Having CLOSURE allows you to gain clarity on a situation so that you can move on from it.

If you are:

Seeking to close the book on a life event that has caused you a great deal of pain ? or

Still carrying around bitterness and anger from a traumatic event or

Consumed with hatred and vengeance for someone who has wronged you? Or

Have a health issue that you can’t move on from.

If you have answered yes to any of the above then don’t miss out on our next Practice Night!!

No matter how small your situation or traumatic your life event was, at our next Practice Night you have the opportunity to gain CLOSURE. Sometimes we consciously avoid or deny we need closure because we feel it may cause us more problems or pain then it is worth. However the subconscious beliefs we may take on(ie unworthiness, shame etc) as result of the life event can be far more detrimental if it is not dealt with. Without realising the absence of CLOSURE on an issue can cause you to feel drained of energy and block you from achieving true happiness and all that you desire. We can also prevent ourselves from getting closure because the fear of moving forward is so great.

At our next practice night you will discover how to find emotional closure on some event in your life without having to relive the pain allowing you to live more authentically and achieving the level of freedom you deserve.

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind while you receive amazing downloads and in the second part of the evening you will receive and give a healing relating to CLOSURE.

If you wish to attend Details are below:

Tuesday 1st September 2009 Theta Healing Practice NightVenue: Nature Care Wholistic & Medical Centre, 2nd Floor,118 Willoughby Road Crows Nest 2065.Cost: $25Time: 6.45pm for a 7pm start, to 9.30pmRSVP is Essential: or (02) 9613 0712. For Further details and upcoming events and Theta Healing visit our website at or visit us at

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