Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vianna Coming to Sydney

I am excited to announce that Vianna is coming to Sydney, I am in the process of organising dates etc. It is possible that Vianna will be teaching a course but this is not yet confirmed. We will be organising a Free ThetaHealing day to promote the many benefits of ThetaHealing for those who would like to share it with their friends, family as well as promoting it to new people. This day will also be great for anyone who is looking at building their ThetaHealing business and is also a great opportunity for any of you who would simply like to meet Vianna. I spent the day yesterday with her and we had a blast going shopping and to the Gym among other things. It is incredible spending time with such an incredible and enlightened master. It is amazing the level your energy raises to when in her company, people talk about being enlightened but you just know when you are in the presence of someone who is so closely connected to the Creator yet being such a real person.

Also a reminder that Vianna will be at the Gold Coast doing the teachers course in January for anyone interested in doing the teachers course!

I will be posting Vianna's Sydney dates on the website as soon as I confirm them.

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  1. You and Vianna teaching DNA3 in Sydney sounds perfect to me ;)