Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Advanced ThetaHealing

Dear Friends

This is a reminder that the Advanced ThetaHealing course is fast approaching with less then 4 weeks to go. If you are thinking about taking Thetahealing to the next amazing and intuitive level, then now’s the time!! Alternatively if you are interested in doing any of our other upcoming courses such as Vianna’s Manifesting & Abundance or Intuitive Anatomy then the Advanced course is a pre-requisite.

The Advanced course is incredible and probably my favourite as I had my instant healing come during this course. The power of the downloads and the incredible information contained in the Advanced course will really fast track your intuition, healing and manifesting abilities. This workshop will open your mind to the possibilities of what you can really do and create in your life. The Advanced Theta Healing course will take you on a magical exhilarating odyssey through the 7 planes of existence and at the end of this unique course you can expect your confidence in healing and manifesting to be 100 – 1000 times greater than when you started.

In the last five years and since I first learnt this course there have been awesome new developments and exciting new techniques that I am now teaching in this course. The new techniques are mind blowing and when you put it into practice it can totally transform every aspect of your life. You will learn how to manipulate time (speed it up and slow it down), heal a broken soul and instantly access and work from the “Seventh Plane of Existence".

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  1. Some of my friends have tried Theta healing and an alternative healing therapy. Gladly, the results of these in their lives are good. Honestly, I'm interested to know the benefits of an alternative health therapy, or even Theta healing. I hope one time I can attend one of the session of Theta healing, and try some alternative healing therapies.

  2. Hi Cleo
    I am holding a free introduction to Thetahealing in Sydney tomorrow evening. At this event you will receive a greater understanding of how it works and will experience some of the actual exercises I teach in the course. Our Brain is such an incredible organ that will allow us to achieve whatever we choose in our lives. The only thing stopping us is the subconscious programming, which is what we are changing with Thetahealing.
    Regards Mark

  3. theta healing is a new find for me. I’m very much fascinated by the human mind and the nature by which it operates. Reading and knowing more about this lessens the skepticism I feel, and gradually, I’m beginning to accept this as a relevant form of healing for both the body and soul.